Nestlink Integration

NESTLink is a solution integrating nesting software with ERP in real-time. It is a bi-directional fully automated tool bridging the engineering team to the factory.

Nestlink's Features

Create New Work Orders

When users create a new task, NESTLink automatically checks the part method to find all BOM items that need to be nested and cut to create new work orders in your nesting tool.

Modify Existing Work Orders

Using NESTLink Work Order Manager’s color-coded screen, users can add, change, and remove parts seamlessly on existing nesting work orders.

Data V Tech - NESTLink integration into Epicor ERP

Data V Tech - NESTLink integration into Epicor ERP

Update Job Bill of Materials

After nesting and cutting parts, NESTLink will update the ERP BOM, automatically adding nested items, along with the material used and actual cut quantities.

Nestlink's Benefits

  • Fast: Shop floor sees new nesting jobs real-time
  • Accurate: Capture the actual material usage on jobs
  • Easy: Never miss a file from your nesting parts library
  • Safe: Secure integration using Infor and nesting tool business object

Nestlink is compatible with

  • Cut Rite
  • Ncell
  • ProNest
  • SigmaNest

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