Magento E-commerce

The business has stepped into a technology booming era, and customer purchase behavior has rapidly changed. Companies now need to compete on internet presence and response time. Data V Tech has prepared a tools kit for your business change – Magento eCommerce.

Made for Epicor ERP 10 on-premise or Multi-tenant Cloud

Magento eCommerce helps businesses to connect directly with their dealers and customers, allows customers to place orders online 24/7, and automatically creates sales orders to Epicor ERP 10 in real-time. In addition, your sales representatives can also create online orders anytime without having to be connected to the Epicor ERP. This functionality provides flexibility for the business and the customer experience through a common Magento eCommerce portal linked to your existing website.

By having customers manage their business on your portal, you have complete control of the sale opportunities. Sales patterns and any related information are now in one place and flow back to Epicor ERP seamlessly. In addition, customers and salespeople can access the KPIs and get updates on sale status remotely.


You have the option to host the website on an on-premise server. Otherwise, we can introduce a hosting service and provide maintenance service for the hosted system.

Magento software Community Version is Free. Please contact us for ERP Integration service and Theme customization or additional Extensions.

It is possible. Please contact us for more information.

Please ask our sales team for your preferred language pack.

Our support team will be your first-line support.

Magento eCommerce

Data V Tech Magento eCommerce works hand in hand with Data V Tech Advance Promotion Management. The application allows customers and salespeople to benefit from the powerful Promotion Engines with Promotion Matrix setup in Epicor. No more manual work and calculations will be for this will be handled by Promotion Engines. The engines calculate the best promotions value/quantity and suggest to your customer; thus, the probability of increasing your sale will then also rise. With significant sales volumes, items, and quantities, your customers and salesperson can benefit from a quick input data entry. It brings away the hassles with mouse click and search.

What’s more, you can easily manage discount and price change by the customer, customer group, territory, or product groups or products. The product display is configurable, and you can decide what to appear on the website for each customer. Product grouping and display are independent of your accounting product groups, provide flexibility and scalability for marketing purposes.

Your customers can now access orders, delivery status, and invoices online in real-time. As a result, your business can reduce unnecessary communication time and make the time more efficient.

Magento eCommerce

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