RFID/Biometric Technology Integration

What is RFID / biometric technology?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) automatically identifies and tracks tags attached to objects using electromagnetic fields. Meanwhile, biometric technologies measure people’s biological aspects to identify them. For example, an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby RFID reader device triggers tags. Then, they transmit digital data, such as an identifying inventory number or employee working hours, back to the reader. Time & Attendance Security Systems, the representative of both RFID and biometric technologies, have proven the effective integration into Epicor Kinetic (ERP) to monitor employee working hours automatically and generate timesheets. 

Epicor Kinetic ERP RFID Integration

Do you currently use a Time and Attendance software for your employees?

Automate your employee shop floor clock in/out to Epicor ERP 10

RFID / Biometric Technology's Benefits

biometric technology integration into Epicor Kinetic ERP

RFID Shop Floor Clock In/Out at factory entrance

Data V Tech application monitors shop floor employee working hours and automated create timesheets in Epicor Kinetic (ERP)

RFID Shop Floor Start/End Production Job Operations

Data V Tech RFID application enables real-time production job operation start/end.

Secure, Lifetime Data Storage

Data V Tech RFID & AMS machine interface allows preventative repairs & maintenance on equipment with entire service history.

Embedded Harsh Environment RFID tags in manufacturing process

The latest RFID technology aims to handle harsh environments and high temperatures to produce parts. As a result, businesses can foster inventory automation and traceability.

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