CAD Data Integration and Synchronization in Epicor Kinetic (ERP)

CADLink is a software solution compatible with industry-leading CAD and PLM/PDM systems and Epicor Kinetic (ERP). This tool allows you to streamline the complete development process. It also unleashes your engineers from the pains of having disparate systems and enables them to focus more on design and innovation. For instance, engineers can click on a single button on CADLink to generate Item Master and Bill of Materials (BOM) records similar to engineering CAD data.

CADLink integrate and schronize CAD data with Epicor Kinetic ERP

CADLink's Benefits

CADLink integrate and schronize CAD data with Epicor Kinetic ERP

Such integration and synchronization of CAD data with Epicor Kinetic (ERP) increases data flow speed and improves production and on-time shipments. In particular, the seamless transition from CAD into the ERP system allows enterprises to order parts and assemblies directly and swiftly from Kinetic. CADLink also lessens manual data entries and related errors and increases engineering data accuracy. Thus, engineering costs, scraps, and the shop floor’s confusion will also decline.

CADLink is launchable directly from any of your chosen CAD suites, so you don’t need to worry about software compatibility. Like many other Epicor products, you can enjoy a user-friendly interface for indented multi-level BOMs and thumbnail preview images of CAD parts. The Kinetic dropdown menus in CADLink also simplify the use of multiple essential Kinetic fields such as Product Code, UOM, and Part Type.

CADLink's Main Features

Discrepancy and error notification

CADLink enables users to resolve discrepancies effortlessly. The software also automatically updates CAD files and Kinetic data. CADLink users can stay alert to critical errors before saving.

Elimination of duplicate manual data entries

Users can effortlessly eliminate duplicate engineering data using a single-step process in CADLink.

Color-coded adjustment

The effects of changes to Kinetic and CAD data are visible to engineers as follows:

  • Green fields illustrate new parts created in Kinetic.
  • Yellow fields spotlight data discrepancies.
  • Kinetic gray fields represent parts to be removed from BOMs.

Effective visual interface

CADLink’s intuitive and highly visual interface offers a user-friendly display of data discrepancies. Users can smoothly view BOM quantity changes and updates in the change summary tab.

Job BOM integration

CADLink users can save Job BOM data directly instead of going through the part master or engineering workbench to validate. They also can select a preexisting job number or create one “on the y” while still able to compare against the parts existing in part master.

Additional Modules

CADLink capabilities are extendable with MBoM, allowing manufacturing engineers to reorganize or adjust BOMs saved from CADLink to optimize them for manufacturing.

Auto part numbering

Engineers can effortlessly apply the company’s business rules to generations of part numbers. The system then automates the process, which ensures accuracy in operations.

Robust searches

CADLink allows users to search Kinetic Item Master live and insert raw material and non-CAD items into your BOM to complete their models.

Small footprint

CADLink installation and setup require no additional database or server components except a tiny footprint of clients’ infrastructure.

One-click summary report

BOMs are exportable as PDF or Microsoft Excel in CADLink, and you can quickly fulfill any documentation requirements.

Smart routing interface

Creating and assigning operations on BOMs is painless and rapid on CADLink’s interface.

ECN manager

ECN Manager is a web-based, turnkey system that allows engineering designers to create and modify ECNs from within their design software of choice while making the changes.


Here are some CAD and PLM/PDM systems compatible with CADLink:

  • SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, AutoCAD®, CATIA®, Solid Edge®, and NXTM, among others.
  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, PTC WindChill®, Autodesk® Vault Professional, and Siemens Teamcenter®, among others.

Extended field mapping

Engineers can use CADLink to map UDFs to CAD file properties. First, they must create the UDFs on the Part, Standard BOM, Quote BOM, or Job BOM table. Then, they can add field mappings from any CAD property to any User Defined Field, as well as any part/material table fields in Epicor Kinetic (ERP). Users can also code new logic to CADLink if necessary.

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