Founder's Story

Phuong Lan Trinh-Data V Tech's Founder

Meet Phuong, the Vietnamese woman behind Data V Tech's success

Phuong Lan Trinh is one of Data V Tech‘s co-founders. She is leading the company to become a bespoke mobile app provider, disrupting the global ERP market.

Her story with Data V Tech began with curiosity, friendship, and sheer inspiration.

Phuong left her small hometown to live and study in Australia.

Like many other students, she did multiple mini-jobs to experience life abroad truly and connect with innovative thinkers to learn from them.

Phuong Lan Trinh from Vietnam to Australia

Data V Tech began with curiosity, friendship, and sheer inspiration.

Phuong firmly believes business automation is a future requisite to eliminate resource waste, improve productivity, and amplify growth.

The technology in use can fulfil its true potential only when serving the company’s culture and practice. Yet, many enterprises have struggled to adapt themselves to the existing software.

With wholehearted support from many talented computer geeks, Phuong and her five other friends and former colleagues founded Data V Tech in 2017 to challenge the status quo.

They are dedicated to implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software worldwide.

Instead of selling the software corporates flounder to master, Data V Tech offers services ensuring automation fits each enterprise’s unique requirements.

It took tenacity and perseverance to enter a male-dominant, ageism-prevailing industry.

Phuong has faced ambiguity, failure, and numerous rejections in the first years of building the business.

Despite all prejudices about being a young female professional in a male-dominant and ageism-prevailing industry, she has never given up.

Her sheer tenacity and perseverance pull us together through tough times, inspire us, and move us forward. We never rest on one single success and stop innovating.

From an idea between friends to a hub of talented innovation lovers - Data V Tech

When Phuong won her first chance to pitch Data V Tech’s solutions, we gained the ticket to enter the ERP game.

Since then, Data V Tech has grown exponentially to support manufacturers worldwide.

We are now the hub of talented innovation lovers.

Our customers come from America, Asia, and Europe.

Their positive feedback stimulates our zeal and creativity to innovate and develop ERP on the go – the future ERP that fits in a pocket.