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It is neither too late nor too early to start an ERP career. Indeed, it is the question of where to begin.

Data V Tech is a cradle of many Vietnamese techies living in Vietnam, Australia, and Germany. We embrace diversity and respect every person disregard of age, gender, origin, or educational background. Above all, we value honesty, hard work, determination, and cooperation. This company culture is the main reason we all want to linger here.

Let’s get to know more about us and send us your application if you want to be a Data V Techie!

Data V Tech ERP Career

Respect & Diversity

We believe respect and diversity are the keys to building up a strong team. Here are some facts about us: 

   Female vs. male Data V Techie ratio: 1.6.

 ♦  50 % of Data V Techies are married and have children.

 ♦  Age range: around 22-50.

 ♦  Origins: various small towns and big cities across Vietnam.

 ♦  Education backgrounds: all university diplomas in IT? No, in multiple majors.


Every Data V Techie is a leader of their own as we take responsibility for our work, our team, and ourselves. Our ultimate mission is to raise the others and accompany them forward with us. 

Work-Life Balance

At Data V Tech, we build more than a career. Here we nurture mental health and treasure family values as we know they increase productivity and ensure sustainability. 

Technical Team


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have some innovative ideas but find no suitable position here. Seize your chance to start an ERP career by sending us your spontaneous application. 

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