Data V Tech

Bespoke Software Provider for Manufacturers and Distributors

Data V Tech was established in 2017 when six Vietnamese friends and former colleagues decided to support enterprises worldwide in management and operation automation with a rigid standard of customer service.

They firmly believe that software should meet each business’s needs instead of the other way around. It is also the start of their inspiring story. 


Data V Techies aim to give honest, effective, and rigorously data-based ERP consultation and software implementation and support.

They also make strenuous efforts to design bespoke mobile apps for manufacturers and distributors worldwide.


Data V Tech customers

Since its establishment, Data V Tech has become the trusted one-stop shop for multiple corporates in America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, starting with only six core members. 

These passionate consultants love challenges. They have rescued numerous international projects that required extensive customization of the Epicor Kinetic system. 


Data V Tech has visions of enterprises effortlessly freeing their employees from tedious, manual work and empowering them to make better, even snap, decisions.

It envisages a future where humans and technologies work harmoniously and companies thrive earnestly. In the new world, manufacturing and distribution will become more environmentally friendly.

Data V Techies

Computer geeks?! We'd say enthusiastic, compassionate, and hard-working innovation lovers

Data V Tech developers

Customer Testimonials

“Data V Tech team has a high sense of responsibility in consulting and deploying Epicor’s solutions, MME, and MES systems and is conscientious with customer support.” – Chi Le, IT & ERP Manager – Hoang Lam Co. Ltd.

Trustworthy - Epicor partner in Vietnam

Efficient - Epicor partner in Vietnam

We developed a great partnership at an amazing team at Data V Tech. A successful beginning with Vantage 8 to Epicor Cloud migration then followed with many custom solutions. We have now more efficient than ever with advanced MES and real-time production reporting. We also joined their Extended VIP Epicor Support program for responsive help at hand.” – Candice Bao, ERP Manager – Plantic Technologies Company Ltd.


“Big thanks to Data V Tech team! With professional support from you and great efforts of our both teams we were able to go live in only 6 months. Not many believe but it’s definitely true.” – Chung Huu Hoang, President and CEO – Vinam Oil Tools JSC

Agile - Epicor's partner in Vietnam


Data V Tech's Partners - Epicor Partner in Vietnam

Since 2017 Data V Tech has been Epicor Software Co.’s authorized partner.

The company has formed strategic partnerships with multiple other leading software providers.

The joint forces aspire to deliver comprehensive solutions and help customers save considerable time searching for the right software. They strive to become the best ERP vendors in the region and worldwide.