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Proud to be partners of many international corporations, namely Epicor, Intel, and Advantech in Vietnam, Data V Tech has assisted numerous manufacturers and distributors in their business digitalization and automation. We implement, customize, and integrate multiple powerful business software, including Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Epicor Advanced Manufacturing Executive System (MES, or formerly known as Mattec). Furthermore, we also set up factories with machines, supplementary hardware, and various complementary solutions to ensure seamless manufacturing and business operations. 

Beyond Epicor solutions and other third-party software, such as the eCommerce platform Magento, we also develop our products. From our experience in the field and understanding of technicians’ difficulties onsite, Data V Tech created the Ultimate Field Service Mobile Application. It is an add-on to an ERP system that bridges the factory and the top floor’s communication and accelerates business automation seamlessly.

Data V Techies' Perks

Established in 2017, Data V Tech Solutions Company Limited (Vietnam) continuously thrives on the vision of bringing Solutions and Integrations to a different level. 

  • Consulting Director: Ms. Trinh, Lan Phuong
  • Headquarter: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Representative offices: Hong Kong and Victoria, Australia


Data V Tech provides a high-quality ERP consulting service across Vietnam and the neighboring region. In particular, we actively dwell in various industries and listen to each enterprise’s needs to design the best solution for them. Our customers vary in sectors and scopes but share the same goal: Reboot the business and be Ready for Growth.

Extensive International Networks

From Vietnam to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and China, our broad international connections have allowed us to build a fantastic network of clients, professionals, and experts in the field. The secret determinant of this achievement is our passion for helping others to succeed. We have dedicated ourselves to assisting companies in automation and growth through ERP implementation.

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Data V Tech partners - ERP Vietnam 1

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