About us

Who We Are

Data V Tech is proud to be Epicor’s authorized partner in Ho Chi Minh City, providing a high-quality ERP consulting service across Vietnam and the neighboring region. With a team of experienced IT consultants, we are dedicated to assisting the digitalization and business process optimization of regional businesses. Furthermore, we are proud to announce that our team achieved Epicor’s certificates in nine product categories in the summer of 2020. best Epicor ERP vendor in Vietnam

The lead consultants at Data V Tech have solved strategic issues and critical business problems. We deliver solutions through Epicor Business Process Management (BPM), Custom Software Development, Software Integrations and etc.

  • Full name: Data V Tech Solutions Company Ltd.
  • Director: Ms. Trinh, Lan Phuong
  • Headquarter: Ho Chi Minh City
  • Representative offices: Hong Kong and Victoria, Australia

What We Do

Our services include implementation, upgrades, and integration. Wherever you are, we always have your back. Epicor supports multi-languages, and our team with the folks fluent in Vietnamese and English are ready to help you along the process.

Whether your business operates in  Manufacturing, Distribution, Services, or Retail industry, we have consultants with the expertise to provide you with the best solutions.

We, as Epicor’s Authorized Partner and leading ERP consulting firm, strive to assist your businesses to maximize your competitive advantage. You will always be at the top of the game through innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

Where We Work

We serve businesses that operate across the Asia Pacific, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Australia, and New Zealand.Data V Tech Solutions Company Ltd.

Particularly, Data V Tech’s team consists of Epicor Certified consultants in Vietnam and Australia. If you would like to roll out Epicor ERP in any site in these two locations, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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