Can we implement Epicor ERP within a month?

Triển khai Epicor ERP trong một tháng liệu có khả thi

Can we implement Epicor ERP within a month?

We have recently received some requests to install Epicor ERP within a month, and here is our response: it is doable but not recommendable in many cases. Let’s check out some reasons:

1. Epicor ERP implementation hinges on the buyers' time investment plan.

The essence of ERP software is a central, unique database shared by all departments of an enterprise. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to install it without the users having time to learn how to use it. Of course, everyone can grasp the technical usage, but the foremost question to all large companies is when.

It is a tradeoff between learning the new skill set and doing the daily job that the investor has to decide. A company cannot simply cancel all operational activities within a month to understand how the innovation functions. However, the more time they can spend on the project, the shorter the implementation process.

2. Change communication is another vital factor.

All we have talked about is related to change communication. Indeed, this element is critical to determine how long it takes to implement an Epicor ERP system.

Not only must the consultants have excellent communication skills, but the very first assigned users must also. They need to be able to conduct training for the ERP novices.

Moreover, the enterprise’s communication plan matters. In particular, it should respond to the company’s size and the proposed time frame. At the same time, it should ensure the training quality, i.e., a session should not involve too many people.

3. Again, Epicor ERP implementation within a month? Yes, on the cloud.

The minimum period required for an Epicor ERP implementation on the cloud is ten working days from our experience. However, this is usually the solution for small and medium enterprises. In addition, due to the small size, it is generally easy to conduct direct training for all users and speed up the entire process.

To sum up, buyers and users can decide how long it needs to execute an Epicor ERP system. The lesson is: Find the best consulting firm and plan well. If an enterprise has a feasible implementation methodology and a good execution plan, it can also reduce costs.

Epicor ERP is accessible on the cloud, hosted, or on-premises. Moreover, it is customizable according to each industry and needs local Epicor ERP consultants’ support and high expertise.

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