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How to choose the right ERP solution

Here are some tips for leaders and CEOs to choose the best vendor with the best ERP solution for their companies. These tips are based on customers’ feedback and recommendations, namely those on TrustRadius and FeaturedCustomers. The order is tentative. Thus, each company can have its own schedule based on the information available to them.

1. Discuss among leaders

It is crucial that leaders and investors have information about the process to choose the best ERP option and vendor. That means, every step should be as transparent as possible.

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2. Assess the needs

You might want to do a SWOT* analysis of business and operations before doing anything else. Notably, it is necessary to detect the need to innovate the company’s operations.

It can be the company’s weaknesses or challenges, possibly due to some disruptors or competitors’ sudden growth. It can also be the opportunity to scale production or improve performance due to new technologies or policies in your sector.

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3. Determine own criteria to choose the right ERP solution and vendor

The clearer criteria you have, the faster you can choose the appropriate ERP solution as well as the best vendor. Furthermore, the solution requirements can also serve as the benchmark for the latter. They can be features either in general or specifically for a department, budget, platform, schedule, and any concerns that your team might think of.

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4. Seek consultations

It is optimal to search for the vendors in your country to save travel costs and misunderstandings during implementation. However, it would be better to choose the best in your region if you are a transnational company. That means widening the geographical scope of your search.

Do not hesitate to contact vendors by leaving your email address or phone number. The best ones usually reach you as soon as possible to learn more about your needs. In addition, they are proactive in arranging phone calls, in-person or Skype meetings, or online demos.

The first impression might also be one of the tips for the best ERP solution and vendor.

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5. Shortlist the best ERP vendors

The information and consultation services you have received or experienced are the very first clues to narrow down your list of vendors and ERP solutions to follow up.

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6. Prepare questions

It is better to collect questions from all departments where your company wants to make a change. Besides, it is also recommendable to involve all representatives in the meetings. That would save time to make the final decision.

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7. Check vendor references and/or make decisions

You might require the vendors to give you some references. But, in reality, the expert ones are usually so proactive that they will share their achievements with you even before being asked.

Once you have made a decision, work closely with your ERP vendor to implement the solution. You can then start mapping your critical milestones and recording your course to success.

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* SWOT refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.

Data V Tech is Epicor’s authorized and most experienced partner in Vietnam. Remarkably, we can localize Epicor ERP’s implementation within a fascinating duration and for competitive consulting costs. Furthermore, Data V Tech has developed various complementary add-ons on mobile beyond Epicor ERP’s available benefits to assist enterprises in every workplace corner. 

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Why SMEs choose Epicor?

Managers and leaders of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) usually find hard to make decisions on an appropriate ERP solution. Particularly, they struggle with the questions of possible return on this investment and reliable software deployment. To answer why SMEs should choose Epicor, Data V Tech studies users’ reviews on TrusRadius*.

According to TrustRadius, there are 13 SMEs using Epicor. Only four verified users wrote their user experience on the solutions. All reviewers were working for enterprises of 11-50 employees. Particularly, Travis Kenworthy P.E., Josh Foote, and Rashell Bustamante gave an 8+/10 review on Epicor ERP On-Premises. And here are what they say:

Is Epicor ERP a solution for SMEs?

The shifting of workload and retraining of employees was challenging but we did it and now we can process more work with the same workforce.

The advantage to having all of our data in one location to eliminate the tribal knowledge has been priceless.

Rachel Bustanmante

Rachel BustanmanteProject Manager - Kinematic Automation

Rachel also raises a number of advantages that her company experiences. For example, Epicor SSRS helps generate reports and enables user to add fields and present data much easier. Furthermore, the software provides user interface enabling immediate access to information, which can be exported to Excel. Last but not least, Epicor’s scheduling capabilities help them increase orders with the same volume of resources.

I believe it has helped organize and track our work and provide a history of what we have done.

I don’t know how we would purchase things without using Epicor ERP to create POs and jobs.

Josh Foote

Josh FooteProcess employee - Grand Die, Inc

According to Josh, the software organizes, keeps track of work and provides a history of finished tasks. It also helps create POs and jobs and, as a result, facilitates purchasing things. More personally, the dashboard enables him and his fellows to customize the site in order to see their “favorites” easily. Finally, Epicor can satisfy their accounting requirements.

the benefit is the the better information can save money on projects as we know where best to spend our time and identify potential problems earlier on a project. We believe it will have a positive impact

Travis Kenworthy P.E.

Travis Kenworthy P.E.Principal Mechanical Engineer - ClearStream Environmental

Though Travis finds hard to evaluate return of investment, he is positive about the impacts of the solution on his company. Particularly, he also points out Epicor provides effective project management module. Furthermore, most of features he needs are available in the system, and he can easily hide those not in use. Finally, he concludes the list of Epicor’s strength with its supreme feature – expandability. That is, since Epicor enables you to customize almost everything, you yourself can expand your own system.

Are there any other reasons why SMEs choose Epicor?

Epicor programmers and consultants have proved Epicor is the solution for SMEs. According to Rachel Bustamante, “Epicor has truly listened and done their best to accommodate their customer’s needs.” Indeed, all Rachel’s comments on some unnecessary functions were promptly and seriously taken. Josh’s user experience in customizing the software in 2017 was another proof of our attempts to deal with this issue.

Proudly, we tackled the lack of detailed information on the available functions of Epicor as Travis mentioned in 2018. Particularly, Data V Tech is sharing knowledge on Epicor everyday on the website and forums. Moreover, there is now 24/7 support in services in order to ensure the best user experience.

In conclusion, Epicor is proved to be the ideal ERP for SMEs to develop their business. Particularly, the return of investment can downgrade the worrisome myth about unaffordable costs. Furthermore, the present version allows users to fully personalize their sites according to their needs. Foremost, Epicor vendors such as Data V Tech always listen to and support customers.

* TrustRadius is a review platform for software users.

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