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How to choose the right ERP solution

Here are some tips for leaders and CEOs to choose the best vendor with the best ERP solution for their companies. These tips are based on customers’ feedback and recommendations, namely those on TrustRadius and FeaturedCustomers. The order is tentative. Thus, each company can have their own schedule based on the information available to them.

1. Discuss among leaders

It is crucial that leaders and investors have information about the process to choose the best ERP option and vendor. That means, every step should be as transparent as possible.

how to choose erp solution

2. Assess the needs

You might want to do a SWOT* analysis of business and operations before doing anythings else. Particularly, it is necessary to detect the need to innovate the company’s operations.

It can be the company’s weaknesses or challenges, possibly due to some disruptors or competitors’ sudden growth. It can also be the opportunity to scale production or improve performance due to new technologies or policies in your sector.

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3. Determine own tips to choose the right ERP solution and vendor

The clearer criteria you have, the faster you can choose the appropriate ERP solution as well as the best vendor. Furthermore, the solution requirements can also serve as the benchmark for the latter. They can be features either in general or specifically for a department, budget, platform, schedule, and any concerns that your team might think of.

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4. Seek consultations

It is optimal to search for the vendors in your country in order to save travel costs as well as misunderstanding during implementation. However, if you are a transnational company, it would be better to choose the best in your region. That means to widen the geographical scope of your search.

Do not hesitate to contact vendors by leaving your email address or phone number. The best ones usually contact you as soon as possible to learn more about your needs. In addition, they are proactive to arrange phone calls, in-person or Skype meetings, or online demos.

The first impression might also be one of the tips for the best ERP solution and vendor.

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5. Shortlist the best ERP vendors

The information and consultation services you have received or experienced are the very first clues to narrow down your list of vendors and ERP solutions to follow up.

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6. Prepare questions

It is better to collect questions from all departments where your company wants to make a change. Besides, it is also recommendable to involve all representatives in the meetings. That would save time to make the final decision.

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7. Check vendor references and/or make decisions

You might require the vendors to give you some references. However, if the vendors cannot give you any offline references, do not doubt their reliability immediately. Maybe you can ask ‘Why would your competitors give you some tips to scale their business?’ before judging.

Once you have made decision, work closely with your ERP vendor to implement the solution. You can then start mapping your critical milestones and recording your course to success.

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* SWOT refers to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.